Year in Review

An incredible 12 months bringing freedom and hope around the world. Scroll down to see our top 10 highlights from this year.

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Together, we took down the gang behind the largest trafficking case in UK history

Our integral role in this case began back in 2015. Today, the victims are free and the traffickers are in jail.
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This year, we brought 1,014 children home to their families

Bringing Thecla home to her family after terrible exploitation. While she recovered at our Lighthouse, our team was tracking down her family in rural Uganda and ensuring it was safe for her to return.
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Abraham is back home and is safe – no longer living on the streets, vulnerable to traffickers.
We celebrate each and every time we return a child safely home to their family and their community! We believe in the power of family and family-based care.

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We have trained more professionals to spot the signs of modern slavery than ever before

Our award-winning training team have had a record-breaking year: 12,234 more people now able to spot the signs of trafficking and respond effectively.
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We have reached more children than ever before

Hope for Justice runs community prevention projects and wellbeing clubs to reach tens of thousands of children, helping to keep them safe, to prevent family separation and to educate them about the lies told by traffickers. This year we reached 71,953 children.
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We have empowered thousands of women through our Self-Help Groups

Self-Help Groups form part of our prevention work in Ethiopia and Uganda, promoting economic empowerment, self-reliance and anti-trafficking messages. In the past year, 5,513 women participated in our Self-Help Groups.
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Our Self-Help Groups help community members to look out for each other. For example, this woman’s friends and villagers rallied round to rebuild her roof ahead of the rainy season.

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We celebrate every life changed by adding an opened padlock to our Freedom Wall. This year we added 2,020 locks!

The Hope for Justice Freedom Wall is a powerful visual reminder that behind every statistic is a real person with their own hopes and dreams. Everything we do, we do for them.
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Emotional letter from victim of modern slavery

It was incredibly moving to receive this letter from a woman we have been supporting. Our teams don’t do what they do in the expectation of gratitude or thanks, but hearing directly from survivors is always a powerful moment.
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Traffickers given long jail sentences for selling young girls into slavery

We celebrate when girls are rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia and they find safety and restoration with Hope for Justice. We also believe in bringing perpetrators to justice.

Among our successes this year was when two traffickers were sentenced to 35 years in prison for the forced marriage and abuse of a young girl now being cared for by Hope for Justice, and two of her cousins.

To help survivors prepare for the daunting experience of giving evidence, we use this model courtroom.

This photo was taken when one of the younger girls left her teddy next to the model. Imagine what it must take for a girl who finds comfort from a teddy bear to then have to stand up in a courtroom full of adults and describe being trafficked.
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Hope for Justice co-founder, Natalie Grant, gives evidence to US Senators

Hope for Justice co-founder Natalie Grant gave testimony to the Unites States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in November 2018, as part of the Committee’s inquiry, ‘The Global Fight to End Modern Slavery’. Natalie, seven-time GRAMMY nominated as a Christian and Gospel recording artist, spoke of her horror at discovering the realities of human trafficking 15 years ago. She told the Senators about Hope for Justice’s work, the adults and children we have rescued, and our work with businesses to protect their supply chains.
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Slave-Free Alliance has an outstanding first year

These are just some of the businesses that have signed up as members of Slave-Free Alliance this year! Hope for Justice created Slave-Free Alliance as a social enterprise for businesses who want to protect their operations and supply chains and who want to be part of the movement fighting for a world free from slavery. With research showing that 77% of companies expect to find modern slavery in their operations or supply chains, membership of Slave-Free Alliance is a simple way for employers to get the answers and support they need to combat this growing threat. All profits made go to Hope for Justice.
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Download the full PDF version of our Year in Review to learn more about an incredible year of bringing freedom and hope.

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